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The main objective for Delta Corp, Ship Chartering Company,  is to develop a strong, sustainable & competitive company in the best interest of the employees, customers, stakeholders and third parties.

The Board of Directors are the custodians of good corporate governance. They along with the Executive Management, aim for a controlled and profitable development with long-term value creation through well-founded governance principles, operational procedures and risk management. We believe that our established practices in the area of corporate governance are in line with the spirit of International standards and provide adequate protection to our shareholders. In this respect, we have voluntarily adopted a number of exacting practices, that are being implemented, such as;

(i)  having a majority of independent directors,

(ii) establishing an Audit committee, a Compensation committee & a Nominating & corporate governance committee,

(iii) adopting a Code of Ethics,

Delta Corp always operates in compliance with our Code of Conduct and acknowledges the International Guidelines for Corporate Governance.